In accordance with their shape we selected the name “Mandala” from the language Sanskrit, which means “circle”.

The Mandala has the basic shape of a disc with the singing bowl being enthroned on top. The upper surface is a little curved to the inside and embraces the form of the singing bowl. It is carved out of a single piece of beech wood and it is available in two types:

  • natural, clear varnish
  • white varnish
Dayasa Mandala without singing bowl


  • The time is displayed in a 24-hour-format. The numbers are big and easy to read, even without glasses.
  • Illumination: When you touch the display, it will light up for 6 seconds and then slightly dimmed for 4 more seconds. This way, you can see the time without turning on the light at night.


  • Actually, we don’t find the word ‘alarm’ really suitable for this clock: The gentle sound of a singing bowl will wake you up softly.
  • You can choose between different sound sequences: simple gong, double, triple, 5 gongs with increasing volume or the Fibnoacci sequence.
  • If you don’t turn off the alarm, it will enter the snooze mode: You can cosily stay in bed and close your eyes again, knowing that the gong will be repeated after 7 minutes (up to 5 times).
  • Turn off the alarm by placing your finger on the display for 2 seconds.
  • The Fibonacci sequence supports your natural rhythm of waking up: Starting with 620 seconds, the intervals between the gongs become shorter in relation of the golden ratio – a principle that can be found in nature frequently.


  • The countdown timer can be set accurately to the second up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. For the end signal, you can choose between simple gong, double, triple or five gongs with increasing volume.
  • The setting with the touch-display is easy and fast.
  • The memory function saves your settings for the next time.
  • The countdown can be repeated up to 99 times using the repeat function. At the end of each interval, there is one gong. For the end of the last countdown, you can choose between simple gong, double, triple or five gongs with increasing volume

Hourly gong

  • The clock can mark every full hour with a simple gong. Though this function has gone a bit out of fashion, you will be surprised how fast the hours go by!
  • An active alarm or countdown timer interrupts the hourly gong. Your sleep won’t be disturbed by hourly gongs during the night.
Detailansicht auf Klöppel der Mandala natur

For a singing bowl clock, the most important thing is the sound. With the Dayasa MANDALA, you can adjust the sound in many ways to get it exactly as you like it best.

First, you choose the singing bowl. Every singing bowl has its own sound and character. Listen to our sound samples and choose your favorite model.
You already have your own singing bowl and want to use it for your Dayasa? That is possible, if the outer edge of the bowl has a diameter between 10,5 and 12 cm and if the bowl is not higher than 6,6 cm.

Singing Bowl  
 with rubber ring
   without rubber ring
Orissa gold
Orissa black
Orissa antique
Shomyo, 107 mm
Zen, 108 mm
Zen schwarz, 108 mm
Nara, 108 mm

Note: In reality, the sound without the rubber ring is more intense than in the sound samples!

When you have selected a singing bowl, you can decide if you want the gong with or without rubber ring. With the ring, the sound is softer and darker, without it, it is lighter and clearer. Finally, you can set the strength of the strike to one out of ten levels by using the display. Here is an example with three different volume levels: lautsprecher.jpg


The clock can be operated easily and intuitively. You just tap on the display with your fingertip or a pen and you can set a function or the light will turn on. It is just as easy to turn off the alarm by putting your finger on the display for 3 seconds.

Clear function menu

The Dayasa offers so many functions, it is not easy to keep an overview. That is why we thought a lot about how you can operate the clock without checking the instruction manual.

Starting in the main menu mith the functions “Alarm” – “Timer” – “Uhr” (time) – “Gong”, you can quickly reach every possible setting of the clock.

Bedienungsanleitung Dayasa Anand zum Downloaden Instruction Manual Dayasa

  • Time in a 24-hour format
  • Alarm: choose between different sound sequences: simple gong, double, triple, with increasing volume
  • To wake up naturally, you can choose the Fibonacci sequence with decreasing intervals
  • Snooze function to go back to sleep
  • Illuminated display: When you touch it, the display is illuminated for 6 seconds brightly and for 4 more seconds a bit darker.
  • Hourly gong: Singing bowl sound at every full hour (can be turned off)
  • Countdown: Can be set accurately to the second up to 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • Repeat: The set countdown can be repeated up to 99 times. Perfect for reiki and massages!
  • Memory: The settings for countdown and repeat are saved for the next time.
  • Volume: The intensity of the clapper can be adjusted in 10 levels.
  • Sound: The sound can also be adjusted by removing the provided rubber ring or by exchanging it with another one.
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 13 cm
  • Weight: ca. 1,6 kg (without singing bowl, with batteries)
  • Works with 4 batteries of type “C” (Baby). The batteries are not included in the scope of delivery.
  • Instruction manual in English and German