Numerous applications

A Dayasa can be used in many ways – whether in job or during free time. It provides a pleasant start in the day and can accompany and end meetings, therapy sessions or meditations stylishly. As a contrast to the hectic everyday life, it spreads a tranquil ambiente and its classic design graces every room.

Alarm Clock with Singing Bowl

Harmony. Dayasa is an alarm clock that wakes us up gently and pleasantly. At the chosen time, the clapper gently strikes the singing bowl and produces a beautiful gong sound. The times of sharp peep or rattle sounds of conventional alarm clocks is over. Dayasa lets us wake up relaxed and in a good mood. A completely new attitude towards life.

If desired, the Dayasa wakes us pu with gongs in the famous Fibonacci sequence: The gong intervals are decreasing in lenght and based on the natural phase of waking up – that makes getting up in the mornign really easy.

Dayasa Ambiente

Style. With the singing bowl, the Dayasa brings a piece of Asia in our home and is so unsusual that it draws the attention of every visitor. The sound lets us experience time consciously and spreads a tranquil ambiente as a contrast to the hectic everyday life.

Because of the use of natural materials of high quality and the timeless design it goes with every funiture style – no matter whether it is the livingroom, the bedroom or the office.

Dayasa for Meditation

Serenity. Only who forgets the time can experience it consciously. What sounds paradoxical at first, becomes reality through meditation. We feel calmness, serenity, the expansion of our consciousness. When we rise up like that, we experience true and unlimited freedom.

As meditation clock a Dayasa frees us from worrying about the time during the meditaion. It starts our exercises and safely leads us back to the outer world afterwards.  Like a master of ceremony who softly strikes the singing bowl with a clapper.

Dayasa for Wellness

Well-being. It is known that singing bowls have a harmonising effect on humans. This is used in sound therapy and sound massage. With its sound, a Dayasa touches our innermost part, has a relaxing effect and supports the well-being in the wellness and beauty branche. It can accompany or end wellness sessions in style or split them in intervals.

The singing bowls can be removed and used seperately, for example for sound massages.

Dayasa for Business

Energy. With a Dayasa, meetings and discussions can be accompanied very effectively: Start, end, speaking times or breaks can be signaled stylishly and decently. The sound of a Dayasa helps to reduce stress at work, it focusses the attention and creates an atmosphere of creativity and harmony.