Time to be experienced consciously

Far too often, time is something for us that we get over with – without review or memory – even though espescially the good, relaxed moments should linger inside of us.

Experiencing time consciously means to be aware of life in every single moment. It means mindfulness. Time becomes being and being finally becomes time again. With the Dayasa and its sound, the happiness of a moment stays in us and lets us experience our time consciously right here and now.

For ages we believe that we can’t stop time. That it runs in breathless speed.
Until a sound touches us.
It is the sound of a Dayasa that makes us pause. It carries us away with silently growing power. To the limitless Me and back.
We hear the sound of time and smile, infinitely happy. Because we are eternal. For this moment.

Everything is sound

In the ancient Indian Vedas it says: “Nada Brahma” – Everything is sound. A Dayasa opens up to us the eternal sound of time and makes it audible, tangible, experienceable here and now.

Still today singing bowls are produced in Asia in small family manufactures. These manufactures follow ancient traditions. About the original origin and use of singing bowls is only little known and passed down in writing. They originate mainly from the Himalayan states of Tibet, Nepal and China, as well as from India and Japan, and depending on the region, were used primarily for spiritual and healing purposes in monasteries and temples. Their sound touches our innermost being and makes body, mind and soul vibrate.

The sound quality of the bowls has been refined over the centuries by Asian masters – until the current models that are used in the Dayasa. Thanks to the high art of their manufacture, the harmonious sound of our selected singing bowls is uplifting and sensual.

Since we humans are predominantly made of water, the soothing vibrations of the singing bowls are transmitted to our bodies. The result is a wonderful feeling of relaxation, calming and well-being.

Impressions of a singing bowl manufacture